Monday, August 30, 2010

Homework and Fighting Children

I completed my first essay for my writing class this morning and typed it up and got it turned in on time. A class that I foolish must take because I foolish forgot to take the Regent's tests. So now I am stuck taking a reading class and a writing class. Classes I would not have to take had I taken the test becaue I would have passes the test. Oh well. We live. We learn.

This morning Trent adn Emily have been bickering aimlessly over everything. It is such an annoying sound. It almost interfered with me getting my assignment turned in on time. Luckily I was able to calm the waters to give me just enough time to finish typing and submit my work.

Afterwards was a little different story. They fought more over cars being stolen and blankets being captured. Emily like to aggravate Trent because she knows she will get such a dramatic performance from him. Unfortunately for me bathroom time never means quiet or alone time. (Emily is pretty much attached at the hip). The fight was brought into the bathroom, as I sit helplessly on the toilet. Thank goodness I have been working with Trent on not tackling Emily to the floor everytime she takes his toys. I was able to keep Trent somewhat calm and I got the car from Emily. I asked Trent if there was something she could play with, and he gives me this look like "I know, I know." haha. I have also been trying to get him to give her something in return of his toy. So maybe she won't steal it back.

For the most part my days are a little easier with Brenna and Keegan in school. But now Emily needs entertaining. Before she followed the three older kids around.

Well naptime calls and I think it is time for me to get a little shut eye too.

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