Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chipped Polish

I need to remove the polish from my finger nails. It looks ridiculously awful. I hate finger nail polish for that reason alone. It never lasts more than a day.

I am finding myself to be incredibly drained lately. Trying to keep up with it all is finding out to be a rough task. I did not realize how terribly crazy school was going to make my life. But it is something that is well worth the chaos. I do know that things will die down and get easier.

My art seems to have slowed down a tad, but I know that is really my fault alone. I have not been doing much of anything, except for preparing for this semester of school. I have 4 paintings to get done. Three are the last 3 covers of the Twilight books. And the other one is an abstract piece for someone's bedroom. I have slowly been working on other pieces of art and jewelry too. I just need to finish them up. I have sold a lot of the jewelry I put in the salon. I need to buy more supplies though.

Life is a rollercoaster. And I am enjoying the breeze.

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