Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Blankie

Most children have some sort of "security blanket", whether or not it is an actual blanket. Brenna had her Moe. A cute and cuddly little stuffed dog Justin and I got her from Cracker Barrel. Well, she has since moved on, but she still has that fuzzy creature.

Trent has always had a blanket of some sort, and his thumb (which he started sucking at 2 months). It was his yellow, cashmere blanket that I got at his baby shower from Justin's grandmother. That thing was starting to fall apart so I thought I should try to introduce another companion into his life. I managed to get Trent to trade off and on with another baby blue crocheted blanket someone made for him. This helped tremendously when the yellow monster needed to be washed.

One day, a trip to WalMart ended the career of the dirty, holey, yellow blanket. I left it. Luckily, I had been trading it in and out with the nice, clean, blue new companion. There has yet to be another replacement. Although there needs to be desperately very very soon, our attempts have yet to make way for a new blankie.

Trent carries this blue tragedy everywhere with him. Even carries it all around the house. It is knotted up and falling apart. But he loves it. Maybe one day we will convince him to trade it in for a newer model. Until then, if you see a cute little boy with a ratted blue thing (that makes some resemblance of a blanket)held up to his face with his thumb in his mouth, chances are it's Trent.

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